Student Handbook


As the area surrounding Calgary grew in population there was pressure for the district to build its own High School. At the time, Indus had space but students in Conrich, Shepard, and Maryland attended high school in Calgary. The location for the new High School was to be central to its feeder schools and districts. The first site was to be north of the Number One Highway, roughly halfway between Conrich and Indus, but water quality was unsatisfactory. The present site was purchased from the Snider estate bordering railroad land with good access to Highway #1 and Glenmore Trail, and was on the Indus road. In the spring of 1961, Northgate Construction started work on the new High School and two teacherages in the middle of a prairie field. The school officially opened December 4, 1961, with 195 students in grades 8 to 12 from Indus, Conrich, Langdon, Shepard, and Maryland. Mr. P. Southern was the first Principal with eight teachers and eleven classrooms. In 1985, the North building was built as a high school. Today, with the rapid population increases of Chestermere and its surrounding communities, both buildings are connected by The Link and represent one unified high school.

Chestermere High School is officially represented visually with ‘the C’ logo (top left). The logo represents the first letter of Chestermere and flows into a wave which is indicative of the school’s mascot, a Laker. The logo is the main visual which has a major presence around the school, on the school website, and on school clothing and documents.

The school also has an official crest (top right) which has the key elements of a central boat, stalks of wheat, books, and the Latin motto, Semper Nulli Secundus, which translates to Always Second to None. The crest has a minor presence around the school, on the school website, and on formal school clothing and documents.

The official font for all written expressions of Chestermere High School and Lakers is Bodoni 72. Our School colours are red with black and white accents.

Students and parents/guardians who wish to appeal a final grade must do so in writing to the school Principal. The deadline for appeals shall be 30 days following the issuance of the semester report card.

It is the position of Chestermere High School that having the support of parents/guardians is a benefit to student learning. If a student is over the age of 18 and has requested independent status, they are expected to complete the appropriate paperwork in the main office, follow the school attendance policy and behaviour expectations as per the School Act, and pay all school and grad fees.

Classroom attendance is crucial to academic success and the pursuit of excellence.

According to the School Act, students can be excused from school for the following reasons:

  • The student is unable to attend by reason of sickness/medical.
  • The day is recognized as a religious holiday by the religious denomination to which the student belongs.

I. Chestermere High School Policy

1. Regular attendance is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student.

2. The teacher’s role is to encourage full attendance and support this by maintaining accurate records and sharing concerns with students, parents/guardians, and reporting these concerns to administration.

3. The administration, with support from teachers, counselors, parents/guardians, is responsible for collaborating with students to resolve critical attendance problems.

Satisfactory attendance (15 or fewer absences in a five-credit class, 9 or fewer absences in a 3-credit class) is required in ALL courses at Chestermere High School in order to fully participate in:

  • Sports Teams
  • Field Trips
  • School Clubs
  • Parking Privileges

NOTE: School sponsored activities are exempt from this count; however, students and parents/guardians are advised to be aware of the impact lost class time has on academic achievement. If a student is exhibiting an attendance issue that is negatively impacting student performance, the student may be held back from attending these activities until a passing mark is attained in all classes.

II. Guidelines

1. An absence occurs when a student misses a class, with the exception of school-sponsored activities such as field trips. Students away on approved school activities will be marked as an excused absent.

2. Parents/guardians must phone the school to report excused absences (24 hours a day call 403-272-8868). Telephone calls from students are not acceptable. Parents/guardians are required to phone in advance of the absence, if possible; on the day of the absence is acceptable; no later than 9:00 a.m. of the morning after the absence is still acceptable. An absence not called in by parents/guardians within 24 hours will be considered unexcused. If a phone call has not been received by a parent/guardian by 9:00 a.m. to clarify the absence, an attendance secretary may call home.

3. Students are responsible for missed work due to absences. The student must make arrangements to meet with the teacher, at the teacher’s convenience, to discuss missed work. All teacher contact information and links to online learning platforms eg: Moodle and Google Classroom are found on the school website.

If an in-class test/quiz is given during the time of leave, the student must write the day before leaving or the day upon return.

Final exams must be written during the scheduled exam time.

4. A student will be marked late when entering the class after the class has begun. Repeated occurances will result in increased communication home and possible increased expectation on the student to improve their attendance.

5. Independent students excusing their own absences must notify the office PRIOR to the absence occurring or, in the case of illness, produce a doctor’s appointment slip or medical certificate upon returning to school.

6. If a student is absent from an examination, it will result in a zero unless the absence is excused.

7. It is also expected that students attend all of their classes if they are in attendance at the school. Teachers may also expect that once students arrive for a given class they will remain in attendance for the duration of that class unless otherwise dismissed.

III. Procedures

In order to support student attendance and maintain communication, the following will occur:

1. Parents/guardians will be advised of any unexcused absences through the phone automated system. Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the attendance secretary to clarify any Synervoice call.

2. Parents/guardians may check attendance on PowerSchool using their personal password. Link to PowerSchool login.

3. On or before the FOURTH absence: The teacher will discuss the issue with the student, reviewing expectations and discussing future action. Parents/guardians will be advised with either a phone call or email from the teacher.

4. On or before the EIGHTH absence: A letter will be sent to the parents/guardians to discuss the situation, including academics and strategies to improve attendance.

5. On or before the TENTH absence: The teacher will make a referral to the appropriate Assistant Principal and Counselor. A meeting may be requested at this time that includes the student, teacher, parent/guardian, and Counselor to create an “Attendance Improvement Plan” for the student.

6. After the FIFTEENTH absence: The student will meet with the Principal and Counselor to discuss future/continued placement in the course and/or the school.

IV. Extended Absence

Parents/guardians may wish to remove their child from school for an extended period of time (longer than 3 days) for reasons other than bereavement or illness. This practice may compromise academic success, but in the event that parents/guardians make this decision, an Extended Absence Leave Form must be completed and submitted to the school office one week prior to the absence. The school does not grant approval for a student to be absent, but rather records the parental intent to remove a student from school. It should be noted that teachers are under no obligation to provide additional work or tutoring for work covered during time missed as this is a parental choice. Refer to the individual teacher's course outline for details on how missed work and/or tests will be handled.

  • VI. Leaving School Grounds

Students may not leave the school grounds without parent/guardian permission. In order to grant permission for a student who is leaving during class, a parent must call or report to the office to make this request. This does not include the lunch break.

Students, irrespective of age, may not drive a vehicle transporting other students during school hours without permission from parents.

All students are required to fill out a Rocky View Computer Use Form prior to gaining access to a school computer. Please reference AP 140 Responsible Use of Technology on RVS website.

Course challenge information is available through the school Counselors. Course challenge applications must be approved by the Principal.

As a school policy, Spares are not granted to students in grades 10 and 11. Grades 10 and 11 students are required to carry a full program with a minimum of 40 Credits.

Grade 12 students are required to carry a program of at least 30 credits (not including Work Experience).

It is recommended that online learning courses only be taken if the course is not offered in the school or a scheduling conflict precludes a student from being able to take a course. All online learning courses taken at the school need a written request by the parent/guardian. Final approval is given by school administration.

1. Students requiring changes to their timetable should make an appointment with a Counselor. Timetable change requests must meet one of the following conditions:

  • A grade 12 student needs a course to graduate.
  • A student wishes to add a course.
  • A student wishes to drop an option for a core subject in the same block.
  • A prerequisite has not been met.

2. Generally, timetable changes will NOT be made for any of the following reasons:

  • To change a teacher.
  • To repeat a course failed in the first semester.
  • To change after the deadline.

3. At the beginning of each semester, students with timetable problems are allowed approximately 10 days to change their timetables. After this period, any requests for class changes must be done by a written proposal to the Principal.

4. Re-designations from Social Studies 30-1 to 30-2 or English 30-1 to 30-2 must be in compliance with Alberta Education guidelines.

Chestermere High School is a smoke/vape free campus.

Students who are in possession or under the influence of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco on school property or at any school-related activity may face disciplinary action of a suspension and/or police involvement. Subsequent to the suspension, a recommendation for expulsion may take place.

Students are not allowed to smoke or vape in our school building, on our school grounds (including vehicles parked on the property), or at any off-campus school related event. Students who do, may be suspended from school. Students carrying cigarettes, vapes, matches or lighters on their person in the school, may be subject to disciplinary action resulting in a possible suspension. Possession of tobacco products is illegal if a student is under the age of 18. Smoking and vaping are unhealthy activities. The school is active in supporting students who wish to quit smoking through counseling and our health curriculum.

The introduction of electronic cigarettes has presented some unique challenges. Due to the advanced nature of the devices and the ability to add virtually any substance they wish, Chestermere High School is treating electronic cigarettes in the same class as cigarettes. Students caught using, displaying or transporting these devices on campus will face the same consequences as if they were cigarettes.

Please reference Education Act Section 31 and 36, RVS Board Policy 19, and RVS AP 350 Student Code of Conduct.

Cell phones are prohibited in classrooms unless the teacher explicitly provides students with permission to use them for educational purposes. If a student chooses to have a device at school, it is to remain in the student's locker or book bag and must be turned off except when required in a class.

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.

If students do not follow the policy, they will be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

  • On first occurrence, the teacher may confiscate the device and return it to the student at the end of the school day. Teacher must inform parents.
  • On a second occurrence, the teacher may confiscate the device and bring it to the office where it can be retrieved from an administrator at the end of the school day. teacher must inform parents.
  • On a third occurrence, the teacher may confiscate the device and bring it to the office where it will be held until a parent/guardian can retrieve it from an administrator at a mutually agreeable time. Assistant Principal must inform parents.

Any further incidents may result in further disciplinary consequences.

AP 140 Responsible Use of Technology

Students are not allowed to record pictures and/or videos of staff or students without explicit permission and completion of RVS FOIPP Forms.

Students are expected to respect the rights of others to have a clean and attractive environment in which to work. This means being very careful not to litter anywhere inside or outside the building.

A student, as a partner in education, has the responsibility to:

(a) attend school regularly and punctually,

(b) be ready to learn and actively engage in and diligently pursue the student’s education,

(c) ensure that the student’s conduct contributes to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging,

(d) respect the rights of others in the school,

(e) refrain from, report and not tolerate bullying or bullying behaviour directed toward others in the school, whether or not it occurs within the school building, during the school day or by electronic means,

(f) comply with the rules of the school and the policies of the board,

(g) co-operate with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services,

(h) be accountable to the student’s teachers and other school staff for the student’s conduct, and

(i) positively contribute to the student’s school and community.

All students are expected to be present for their final exams. The only acceptable excuse for missing a final exam is illness or a family emergency (personal vacations do not count). A medical certificate is required to verify the illness. Students who are excusably absent from Alberta Learning (Diploma) exams may write at the next scheduled exam date. When students do not write school final exams, they usually receive a mark of zero, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • All guests must be approved prior to the events.
  • Alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are forbidden in the school, on the school grounds, or at any off-campus school-related event.
  • All school regulations concerning behavior of the students apply at the events.
  • Rides home should be arranged in advance.
  • Students breaking these rules will be dealt with according to school policy.

I. Harrassment

Harassment is defined as “any unwelcome behavior which, directly or indirectly, adversely affects or threatens to affect a person’s emotional well-being, learning environment, or involvement.” Harassment is a behavior which denies an individual dignity and respect. Harassment is considered to have taken place if a person knows, or reasonably ought to know, the behavior is unwelcome. Students who are guilty of harassing any person in the school are subject to disciplinary action. They may face formal suspension and the possibility of a recommendation for expulsion. The RCMP may also be contacted for further investigation.

II. Abusive or Aggressive Behaviour

Abusive or aggressive behavior which causes or threatens harm to persons or property, is a breach of Section 31 of the Education Act. Consequences for this type of behavior may result in a suspension or recommendation for expulsion.

Students wishing to speak to other students who are in class must report to the office where, if the request is deemed important, an administrator will request the subject teacher to excuse the student.

Respect each other. The use of profane or inappropriate language is un-acceptable as per RVS AP350-Student Code of Conduct. The use of profane or inappropriate language may result in disciplinary action.

Due to the dangerous nature of lasers, students possessing them will have them confiscated and may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and recommendation for expulsion, as per RVS AP355-Student Suspension and Recommendation For Expulsion.

Students who are late for school are expected to sign in at the office. As per Section 31a of the Education Act and RVS AP350-Student Code of Conduct, students who are late for class may receive detentions or face other disciplinary action.

Students who leave during the school day due to illness or appointments must sign out at the main office before they leave. They must be signed out by a parent/guardian, or a parent/guardian must call in to excuse them prior to 9:00 am the following day. Students who become ill during the day are to report to the main office where they will be asked to contact a parent/guardian to obtain permission to return home. Students who fail to contact the office and are in washrooms, hallways or student areas will be considered truant.

Students may be assigned a school locker for use during the school year. For security purposes, students must only use the locker and lock assigned by the school. In using a school locker, students agree to keep only their personal belongings in the locker. Students should not give their combination to others. (Combinations are kept on file in the office.) Students are responsible for all damage to lockers.

Chestermere High School's locker policy enforces a zero-tolerance for:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Any drug paraphernalia
  • Alcohol
  • Stolen property
  • Weapons
  • Items deemed by the school or RCMP to be a danger to others
  • Anything that is illegal to possess

Students are permitted to keep prescription drugs in their lockers for the student's own use only, if a doctor has prescribed those drugs .

It is very important that students do not have an expectation of privacy for their lockers. Lockers are the property of Chestermere High School/Rocky View School Division. Administration has the right to open, search, and inspect any locker without notice to the student(s).

If a locker is searched and administration finds any of the items listed above, the school may seize those items and use them as evidence against the student for school discipline. Administration may give seized items to the RCMP for possible criminal investigations and charges.v

At lunch time, food and beverages are allowed in the designated eating areas that may include social areas, classrooms and hallways. Students are expected to clean up after themselves and to properly dispose of their garbage. Food and beverages are not allowed in the gymnasiums, computer labs, and/or the learning commons.

Students are expected to follow the rules established by each classroom teacher regarding food and beverages in the class.

Students can help minimize the risk to those staff and students with nut sensitivities by not sending/bringing peanut-butter sandwiches or products containing nuts or peanuts to school. Some of the common products to avoid are: granola bars, cookies or chocolates containing nuts or peanuts, peanut butter cups, Reese’s pieces, etc.

When administrators are conducting non-criminal interviews with students, there is no legal requirement that students be read their rights, although students should understand the basis upon which the statements are being taken and how they will be used.

Personal searches of a student shall only be conducted to seize prohibited objects or substances (unless there is a threat to the safety of the person or persons or the school premises) and if the Principal/Assistant Principal suspects that the individual is in possession of an object or substance that is prohibited. The student’s parents will be contacted.

Personal searches will be conducted in a private manner. All searches will be in the presence of one adult witness. Whenever possible, searches of a student’s locker, desk, vehicle or other personal belongings will be conducted in the presence of the student.

Any contraband seized as a result of the search will be held and retained in a secure location until the investigation has concluded. Any illegal substance shall be turned over to the RCMP. If the RCMP do not wish to obtain the seized contraband, it shall be destroyed once the investigation is complete.

Plagiarism is a piece of writing that has been copied, in part or in whole, from someone else and is presented as being the student's own work. It may result in the following:

  • completion of assignment without plagiarizing and completion of additional assignments to reinforce learning outcomes.
  • a call home;
  • an entry in the student’s file.

A mark of 50% is the minimum prerequisite to advance to the next level in an academic stream.  However, students who earn less than 60% will be required to consult with a school Counselor prior to advancing to the next higher level.

Retroactive credits may be available in some courses as determined by Alberta Education. For more information, students should contact their school Counselor.

While some people enjoy wearing perfumes and using scented products, many others who share the work/school space report that exposure to certain fragrances, including perfumes and scented products, can adversely impact their health. Some reactions to scent exposure may be:

  • Severe respiratory reactions requiring hospitalization
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Migraines

All members of the Chestermere High School community are asked to refrain from using scented products while in the building.

Students are expected to dress in such a manner that is neat, clean and of no embarrassment or discomfort for other students or staff members.

  • Torsos must be covered with non-see-through material.
  • Tank, halter, tube, or crop tops, muscle shirts, and short skirts or shorts are not appropriate attire for high school.
  • Straps on shirts should be a minimum of 3 fingers wide.
  • Skirts and shorts should be at a modest length; no shorter than the length of the arm and finger tips.
  • Underwear must not be visible.
  • Clothing must have no references to alcohol or drugs, profane language, or other inappropriate text or graphics.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times for health and safety reasons.
  • Students are welcome to wear discrete headgear (e.g., hats, bandanas, toques, baseball caps, and hoodies). For security reasons, head coverings must not cover the face; all individuals in a school must be identifiable. Insignias, logos, or text must be school appropriate and follow the dress code guidelines. Students must remove non-religious headgear during the playing of national anthems, formal ceremonies, assessments, when directed by staff, and/or when it is detrimental to the learning or safety of other students.

Physical Education - students are expected to change into gym strip in the change rooms, as outlined by the Physical Education Student Dress Policy. (T-shirt, shorts or sweat pants, clean running shoes).

Halloween and other costumes must be dress code appropriate and must comply with school rules (i.e. no references to alcohol, drugs, etc.). Masks, weapons, and anything that looks like a weapon are not premitted.

The office cannot accept messages for students unless it is an emergency.

The Learning Commons is a quiet study and collaboration space for all students. In addition to fiction/non-fiction books, textbooks, and electronic devices which can be accessed by any student, the Learning Commons also has an inventory of e-books available from the school Librarian upon request.

Students must present bar-coded school I.D. cards to sign out library material. NO food or drink (including water) is allowed in the Learning Commons. Students who disregard Learning Commons rules will have their privileges revoked.

Loan period and overdues - loan period for library books is 2 weeks. The loan period for computers/electronic devices is one day and the loan period for textbooks is for the semester. Any student having overdue materials will not be allowed to sign out any other material until all overdue items are returned or paid for.

Lost and damaged materials - students will have to pay the full replacement cost of those items lost or damaged.

Printing - students needing to print documents for class assignments may do so in the Learning Commons for a nominal fee (cash only).


If a student is withdrawing from Chestermere High School and/or transferring to another school, the parents/guardians must make arrangements through the main office so that the appropriate forms can be completed. If a student is transferring to another school, student records will be forwarded upon request of the receiving school.

After the appropriate forms have been completed and signed, lockers must be cleaned out and all textbooks and library books must be returned to the library prior to any portion of the student's fees being refunded. Students and their parents/guardians must inform teachers and the main office at least one week prior to such a change.

As per Section 257 of the Education Act and RVS Procedure AP350 Student Code of Conduct, vandalism will not be tolerated. The student and student’s parents/guardians are jointly and severally liable to the Board in respect of the act of the student, as per RVS Procedure AP357 Vandalism. Cost of repairs or replacement will be charged to any student who causes damage. Disciplinary action may result in a suspension or recommendation for expulsion.

The school will assign parking stalls to students who are approved to park their vehicles on campus. The ability to park on campus is a privilege. Bus service is available for all students living within the school's catchment boundaries.

Students wishing to park on campus must apply for a parking pass. Forms are available from the main office and must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Students successful in being awarded a parking pass will be required to register their vehicle(s). The cost for a parking pass is $40.00 per year (with reductions made quarterly for later applications). The license plate number(s) will be placed on the parking pass and this pass must be displayed at all times when the vehicle is in the parking lot. Up to two (2) different license plates may be registered for the driver. Students are expected to park in their designated parking spot only.

If a student withdraws from school, their parking pass is withdrawn. A refund for a pro-rated amount may be processed, upon request. Parking passes may not be sold or transfered to other students.

Vehicles having parking passes bearing a different license plate number than on the vehicle, vehicles having no parking pass displayed, or student vehicles repeatedly being parked in non-designated spots will be subject to towing at the student’s/owner's expense.

Excessive absences or lates may result in the loss of parking privileges.

Parking privileges can be removed should the student display undesirable driving habits or their parking spot becomes the focus of inappropriate actions or habits. Warnings will not be given.

Any and all damage to vehicles or loss of property must be reported to the Strathmore RCMP. Chestermere High School assumes no responsibility for damage to vehicles or lost personal effects.

For the safety of all students, school administration has the right to conduct a search of a student's vehicle while on Rocky View Schools property, as outlined in the section PERSONAL SEARCHES, above.

Weapons are not allowed on school property. Students who use, possess, or are in active contact with weapons shall be suspended and/or face RCMP involvement. Subsequent to the suspension, a recommendation for expulsion may take place.


Report cards will be available through Power School at the end of the year. A printed copy can be provided upon request. Parents may find up-to-date mark information throughout the year on PowerSchool by logging in with their user name and password.

Interviews will be held from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at the mid-way point of each semester. There is an online service (Conference Manager) to book parent teacher interviews. Parents/guardians will be notified approximately one week in advance of the interview date, at which time they can access the Conference Manager to schedule interviews.

At any time throughout the year, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their child's teacher(s) to address concerns.

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am - 2:45 pm

Daily Announcements are read to students each morning.

Synervoice Messages are sent out weekly/bi-weekly with important information. Parents/guardians are expected to ensure the school has current contact information on file, including e-mail addresses.

On the student registration form there is space for a phone number where a parent/guardian or a friend of the family can be contacted. Parents/guardians are expected to ensure these numbers be kept current. In the event of an emergency, it is critical that the school be able to quickly contact a parent, guardian or other emergency contact.

When weather conditions place the safety of transporting bus students at risk, the Superintendent of Schools or Inclement Weather Committees for the communities of Airdrie, Chestermere, Crossfield, Cochrane, Kathyrn/Beiseker and Springbank may choose to close schools or learn from Bus Contractors that they have suspended bus services. Weather factors that serve as general guidelines in making this decision are:

  • Wind-chill of approximately -40 C.
  • Reports from bus drivers that many roads are, or will soon be, impassable. This decision is made by bus contractors and will be communicated directly to bus families from their bus driver.

I. Notification of Closure

Local broadcast and radio stations will be notified of school closures no later than 6:30 am. Parents are encouraged to listen to:

  • Radio - Air 106.1, Air 91.5, CBC, CHFM Lite96, 66 CFR, JACK FM, QR77, Country 105
  • Broadcast - CTV, Global, CityTV, CBC

The best source of information is to go to or call:

II. Bus Cancellations/Delays

Specific bus routes or portions of routes may be cancelled when the driver feels it is unsafe to operate due to weather or road conditions.

Rural bus drivers will notify all Rural parents of bus cancellations only. The information also will be recorded on Rocky View's Transportation Late Bus App. Bus cancellations will be for the full day.

Urban route cancellations are recorded on the Late Bus App. Please note Urban families do not receive phone calls.

Bus routes that are delayed in the morning due to mechanical problems, weather, or road conditions, will operate on the afternoon trip home. This information will also be updated on the Transportation Late Bus App.

II. Parent Responsibilities

During inclement weather, the final decision to send a child to the bus stop or to school rests with parents, even though buses and schools may be operational. Parents are responsible for listening to the designated radio/broadcast stations to receive the correct information with regard to school closures or bus cancellations. Should you drive your child to school when bus service is cancelled, it is your responsibility to pick the child up from school at dismissal time.

Parents should ensure that students are dressed appropriately while traveling to and from school during inclement weather conditions, whether they are riding the bus or walking. The temperatures on a school bus may drop dramatically in the event of mechanical problems.

IV. School Responsibilities

Once school begins for the day, it will not be closed because of weather conditions until regular dismissal time. Should it be deemed unsafe to dismiss students at the usual time (with the exception of Morley), students may be kept at the school until it is deemed safe for the buses to depart, or until other arrangements have been made. Problems with heating and plumbing, etc., at one school may result in students being housed in another location until dismissal time.

Information regarding inclement weather closures is distributed by local schools in October.

Due to security reasons, all visitors must sign in at the office and secure a visitor's pass. Visitors of students may only be allowed on school premises with the consent of an administrator. The school is monitored by security cameras inside and outside of the school.

The Chestermere High School Council is an organization whose membership is composed of parents/guardians, staff members, students and community members. As a duly formed Council under the Education Act, this organization provides leadership and works cooperatively to support the goals and aspirations of the total school community.

Some activities include: providing advice and collaboration on decisions which affect the school, community liaison, volunteers working with teachers, special presentations, hot lunch program, sponsorship of parents/guardians, students and staff to attend conferences, news bulletins and information-sharing meetings. Through membership in the Alberta Home and School Councils’ Association, this local association has representation on many local and provincial committees, and in turn has a voice in education at all levels - local, provincial and national.

A minimum of seven meetings are held throughout the school year. THERE WILL BE A MINIMUM OF ONE GENERAL MEETING. All parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Parents/guardians are important stakeholders in the educational process. Parents/guardians who are available to offer their services and time are welcome in the school. All volunteers are required to have a completed vulnerable sector verification as per RVS AP 490 Volunteers, Visitors and Presenters Mandatory Record Checks.

The school is not responsible for lost articles but does attempt to help in their recovery by:

  • announcing lost/found items in the daily bulletin;
  • returning lost items to their owners when turned in to the office;
  • providing a Lost and Found container which is located inside the main entrance to the school.

To prevent lost/missing items, students are asked to ensure that:

  • lockers are locked at all times and that locker combinations are not given out to others;
  • all belongings are clearly labeled with the student's name;
  • they do not leave any valuables in the gym change rooms;
  • they do not bring valuables to school;

When an item is left unattended, the person who finds it should turn it in to the office immediately.

When a student loses something, they should ensure they check all the possible locations first. If the item is still not found, the student should report the loss to the office.

Injuries received in school should be reported to the office immediately by the student involved and the supervising teacher. Rocky View Schools' Accident Report Forms must be filled out for all accidents stating the circumstances relating to the injury.

All urban students residing in the Town of Chestermere, Town of Cochrane or the City of Airdrie are required to purchase a bus pass annually. Children must have a bus pass to ride an urban bus either to or from school.

New rural students that do not reside in the town of Chestermere and who did not ride during the 2009-2010 school year must be registered for the school bus service. Applications are on-line at
All New students must be registered to ride the bus. This includes students that are entering ECS, new students that have registered at the school and require transportation and students that are currently walking and require transportation to a new school.

If you have any transportation questions please call:
Transportation at 403-945-4101 for All Urban busing in Chestermere, Cochrane and Airdrie
Transportation at 403-945-4104 for All Rural busing in Chestermere, Indus and Langdon Schools

Visit the Rocky View Schools website for more busing information.

Fall and Spring Awards Ceremonies.

Chestermere High School attempts to offer a well-balanced extra-curricular program that meets the needs of students. The choice of activities may be impacted by the number of adults willing to volunteer their time.

Students are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular program. The following activities are some that may be provided at Chestermere High School during the school year:

Yearbook, Musical Theatre, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Jr. and Sr. Varsity Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Jr. and Sr. Varsity Basketball, Golf, Track & Field, Curling, Badminton, Cross Country, Rugby, Art Club, Robotics, Science Club.

An important part of the student’s education is participation in extra-curricular activities. As an integral part of the education process, the athletic program contributes to the physical, mental, social and emotional development of the student. Students are encouraged to participate in the athletic program.
The basic philosophy of athletics is to develop character in students while pursuing excellence. Our goal is to teach positive values to students that will, hopefully, carry over to daily life.

All athletes, parents and coaches must sign a Rocky View Schools' Code of Conduct agreement in order for students to participate in the athletic program.

If students are in need of social/emotional support they are encouraged to make an contact with their school counsellor.

Graduation ceremonies are held in June. The cap and gown ceremony is organized by the school, and only students eligible to receive a high school diploma may participate. Students must be in good standing to participate in cap & gown exercises. Students should have a graduation plan in place in order to ensure their eligibility to participate. Final decisions regarding eligibility are made by the Principal the week prior to the graduation ceremonies.

The banquet and dance are organized by a committee of students, parents and staff. All grade 12 students are eligible to attend these events. Volunteers are appreciated. 

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.