Staff Directory


Principal - Mr. Robertson

Assistant Principal - Ms. Schultz

Assistant Principal - Mr. Hiebert

Assistant Principal - Mr. Bates

Teaching Staff

RAP/Work Experience - Dr. Judah

Counselling - Ms. Allan

Science - Ms. Anderson

Physics, Science, CALM, Math - Mr. Barham

Business, Film, Foods - Mr. Bec

Fine Arts - Mr. Beseau

Leadership, Social - Ms. Boutilier

Culinary, CTS - Ms. Burzuk

Learning Support - Ms. Carson

English, Psychology - Ms. Charles

Learning Support - Ms. Dahl

Construction, Fabrication - Mr. Daum

Science, Fashions - Ms. Dawes

Math - Ms. DeGroot

Sports Medicine, Physical Education - Mr. Derkatch

Science, Hockey - Mr. Elenko

Physical Education - Ms. Everson

English, Drama - Ms. Fulthorpe

Social, Legal Studies - Ms. Gill

Counselling - Ms. Guitard

Science - Ms. Hasiuk

Yearbook, Wildlife, Art, Film, Graphic Design - Mr. Hauck

Math - Ms. Hor

Robotics, Web Design, Gaming, CALM - Ms. Hutyra

English, Social, CALM - Mr. Kang

Math - Mr. Lakaparampil

Sports Performance - Mr. Ledieu

Math - Mr. Massig

Social, Legal/Military Studies - Ms. McDonald

Cosmetology, CTS - Ms. Mcintyre

Science, CALM - Mr. Mitschke

Social, EAL, Psychology - Ms. Mohammad

Social Studies - Ms. McWilliam

English, Yoga, Social - Ms. Pandey

Music, CALM, French - Mrs. Ploughman

Social, Physical Education - Mr. Raaymakers

English, Psychology - Mr. Rowley

English, Creative Writing - Mr. Sieben

Math - Ms. Siemens

English - Ms. Simpson

Physical Education - Ms. Taylor

Social, English - Ms. Thomas

Math - Mr. Thurston-Farrell

K&E, Learning Support - Ms. Wallman

Science, Physics - Ms. Wasyleczko

Foods, CTS - Ms. Wasyliniuk

Science - Mr. Wilson

Office Staff

Administrative Assistant III - Ms. Pollock

Business Manager - Ms. Zaremba

Administrative Assistant II - Ms. Stumborg

Receptionist - Ms. Atkinson

Support Staff

WeConnect Coordinator - Ms. Badick

Learning Assistant - Ms. Friesen

Learning Assistant - Ms. Huish

Learning Assistant - Ms. Janardhan

Learning Assistant - Ms. Jones

Learning Commons Facilitator - Ms. Laviolette Brown

Learning Assistant - Ms. Robak

Technology - Mr. Rojas

Chef (Culinary) - Mr. Wright

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.